Join us at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

"Cherish the natural world, because you're part of it and you depend on it" - David Attenborough.

Every year SUEZ recruits 8,000 new employees that wish to follow David Attenborough’s example in both cherishing the world and helping it in regards to waste management. They are ready to imagine revolutionary solutions to preserve our planet and our resources that go beyond what the individual is able to do.

A main question in everyone's minds is how can we help contribute to the benefit of the globe amongst this climate crisis? Should I get a reusable shopping bag? Should I buy a reusable bottle rather than single use plastic bottles? Should I become a vegan?


At SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, we have taken it ten steps further. In order to help the planet, we strive towards the dream of "a society where there is no more waste". To get there, we are looking for talented, motivated and enthusiastic individuals to join our teams across all of our locations.


As part of our team, alongside flexible working hours to aid your mental wellbeing, you will receive amazing benefits including career progression, pension, salary and many more. We "provide outstanding learning opportunities for our people".


8,000 and counting have joined the Resource Revolution in the UK. Will you?


When you are ready to start searching, please use the search functionality below - you can start with contract type or working pattern and filter down from there. If you cannot find your perfect job, please register to receive our job alerts. That way, we will get back to when a relevant career opportunity comes up.


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